St. Luke's began a weekend backpack ministry in January 2015 for the kindergarten students at GLH Johnson Elementary School.  This backpack contains two breakfast, two lunches, two dinners and two snacks.  Kindergarten children are at the greatest risk for food insecurity because they have not yet learned to fend for themselves.  Our hope is that these nutritional meals will meet the physical food needs of these children and help them to do better in school.

This ministry grew to include both kindergarten and first-grade students for the fall semester of 2016.  During the 2017-2018 school year, St. Luke's is providing eighty-three (83) backpacks on a weekly basis.  

The backpack ministry is a blessing to both the children who receive the backpacks and to the members of St. Luke's who participate.  Over the Christmas holidays, the children at GLH Johnson Elementary School made thank you cards and sent them to St. Luke's.  The words and drawings on these cards touch your heart and affirm what a difference this ministry makes in these children's lives.  

God's Storehouse is partnering with Union Church to offer weekend backpacks to the second-grade class at GLH Johnson.  We are all praying that funds will become available so that this ministry might be expanded to include all the children at GLH Johnson.

If you have questions about this ministry or would like information on how we set up this ministry, please contact the church at      434-836-9345. 




From September 20 through May 23, St. Luke's has provided meals for eighty-three (83) students at GLH Johnson Elementary School.  There were forty-one (41) kindergartens and forty-two (42) first-graders who received these bags of food.  This means you have provided 16,434 meals and 5,478 snacks to these children over a thirty-three (33) week period.  Total expenditures for this school year are $16,509.02.    The average cost per weekend backpack was $6.03.  We are ending the year with a balance of $2,500.00.    Thanks to everyone who supports this ministry with their  prayers, their gifts and their service.